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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


            The presence of a spiritual teacher in Zhampa’s life is not the norm for those of us in the twenty-first century. In fact, we‘re reared to not rely on others with regard to life lessons and, as adults, we pride ourselves on being self-made. A corollary to this in the western mode is that no one really has a grasp of knowledge or wisdom. That all things are relative and that we should seek our solace in the marketplace. Zhampa doesn’t know what to make of the old Tibetan lama Rinpo, or of his magic and commands. And yet the signs he was given as a child and as an adult stir in him the inspiration to give up his private concerns to do one thing to help others before he dies. This is a world of East/West collided sensibilities, a world through which Zhampa pulls a cart. He gives up needing to know the result of his journey before he sets out and in so doing unlocks a pivotal point in his learning.

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